“Critical to the enduring vitality of Downtown Bozeman is housing, because people who live Downtown tend to shop Downtown. Fortunately, many of Bozeman’s Main Street commercial buildings have apartments on upper levels…Of equal importance are the large residential neighborhoods, which generally begin two to three blocks north and south of Main Street and extend for at least a mile on either side of the thoroughfare. Maintaining this housing stock and, when possible, creating more opportunities for Downtown residential development through infill and other means should, in the interest of preserving the vitality of the Downtown area, be strongly encouraged as long as the historic fabric of the Downtown area is not sacrificed in the process.? Bozeman 2020 Community Plan, Section 4.7. (emphasis added).

Goff Architecture, Ltd. and the Bozeman Brewery Partners, LLC (the “Applicant? are pleased to present a project in furtherance of the above stated goals of the Bozeman 2020 Community Plan ?the adaptive re-use of the historic Lehrkind Brewery site. Over the course of the past year, the Applicant has been successful in assembling four parcels of land from three different owners to allow for the re-development of this cultural asset of Bozeman. Goff Architecture has developed a plan for the property that allows for the adaptive re-use and rehabilitation of this important historic property in a manner supportive of the stated growth policy goals of the City of Bozeman. As noted in the Bozeman 2020 Community Plan, a new urban planning and development paradigm has emerged throughout the country in recent years based on a development pattern that “promotes neighborhoods as centers of social activity and interaction.? The Applicant hopes the proposed adaptive re-use of the Lehrkind Brewery will further the development of the Northeast Historic Mixed Use district as a dynamic urban neighborhood and asset to the Bozeman community.

Bozeman Brewery Partners L.L.C.
Goff Architecture Ltd.

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